book chapters:

>> Manifesting Dance: Homecoming, Expansion and a New Frame for Dance

Chapter - in ‘Skinner Releasing Technique - A Movement and Dance Practice’
Ed Manny A. Emslie, Triarchy Press, UK 2021

This chapter is reviewed in Choreographic Practices Journal:
Collinson, P. (2022). Choreographic Practices, 13(1), 123-126. 10.1386/chor_00045_5

> > An Intricate Field - In search of freedom and togetherness: inter-subjectivity and materiality in shared space
Chapter - in ‘Attending to Movement: Somatic Perspectives on Living in the World’. Ed. Whatley, Garret-Brown, Alexander, Triarchy Press, UK 2015

current research:

>> A Dance of Becoming: SRT, Somatic Dance and New Materialism
Practice based PhD 
Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University 2021-2024

Funded by AHRC, M4C Full Scholarship

>> Improvisation as a Choreographic, Authorial and Creative Principle
International research project with Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic  - with Mirka Eliasova and Mish Rais 2020-2023
Funded by Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and DKR Endowment provided by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic

peer reviewed journal and conference papers:

> > Skinner Releasing Technique and the Autonomic Nervous System: Processes of nurturing embodied experiences of safety and freedom
Master of Arts by Research 
Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University 2019-2021
Funded by AHRC, M4C Full Scholarship

> >  A dance practice of ‘choreographic improvisation’: interview with Rosalind Crisp
Mirka Eliášová, Lizzy Le Quesne, Mish Rais

Independent Dance’s Digital Library 2022

> > Learning to Dance in the 21st Century: Skinner Releasing Technique as Technology of Becoming, in a New Materialist Frame
Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices. Issue 10.1 Pedagogy and Process: Somatic Informed Education in a Postmodern Era’ 2018

> > PostWar Space Girls: urban space, girls and the abject
BodySpaceMemory - Visualising Relationships - Symposium, Coventry University 2015

> > An Intricate Field           
Conference of Dance and Somatic Practices, Coventry University 2013. (Choreographic intervention into public space, exploring embodied intersubjectivity and Michael Klien’s ‘Propositions t 2010/2o Dance Differently’)

> > The Reach for Presence
Afterall Journal Online 2010

art magazines:

> > Nervous Systems: incessant feeling states and dance as life
Disability Arts Online, July 2019

> > Art Penetrates Life: Rosemary Lee’s Square Dances, Dance Umbrella 2012
People Dancing: The Foundation for Community Dance, Spring/Summer 2012

> > What is a feminist now? Consumerism, capitalism, class and the body
Umulec International, Divus 2010/2

> > Welcome to the Free World.  Productive squabbling at Authentic Structures
Authentic Structures symposium on art in post communist Eastern Europe, Prague 2004
Umulec International, Divus 2004/4

> > Goshka Macuga: The Nature of the Beast
Umulec International, Divus 2010/1

live presentation and broadcast:

>> Reaching Dancers Unconscious Experience through the Skinner Releasing Technique. Interview, CNADE Podcast ‘Dance Education in the 21st Century’ 2021

Becoming Spongey, movement class, Inkling Room, Netil Radio 2021

>> Jarmila Jerabkova International Choreography Competition, Jury member
Prague 2002, 2003, 2004, 2017
>> Dance as Medicine, Chisenhale Dance Space and online, interview 2017
>> Memory at Work, Independent Dance 2016
>> Reading Dance, Discussion Panel, Czech Dance Platform Prague 2015
>> Meaning and Movement, Presenter, Dancing Oxford Festival, 2014
>> Skype Dialogues (recording/editing) - with Frank Bock. What Now festival. Siobhan Davies Dance Studios 2013
>> On Taking Care: Rosemary Lee’s Common Dance Writer, Presenter (DVD) Rescen 2012
>> Childbirth and Dance, Writer Presenter, Resonance FM (radio) 2011
>> Writers’ Response, What If? Festival, Writer, Presenter, Siobhan Davies Studios 2010
>> Movement and Meaning, Writer, Presenter, Siobhan Davies Studios 2010
>> Dance and Performance Art - The Great Divide, Guest Provocateur, Panel discussion, Summer Dancing Festival, Coventry 2009

arts, dance, culture magazines and newspapers:

>> Afterall;    >> Animated;     >> Ballet International;  >> Ballet-Tanz;    >> Contemporary;     >>;    >> Dance Magazine USA;    >> Dance Theatre Journal;    >> Disability Arts Online;   >> Flash Art;    >> Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices;      >> State of Art;     >> Tanz;   >> TanecniZona;   >> Time Out Guides (Prague) >> Umelec International  >> Artist and arts festival catalogue;
>> Prague Post (art and dance reviews 2001-2007); >> Lidove Noviny; >> Central Europe Review; >> Transitions Online; >> Intelligent Lif  


>> Tanecni Zona / Dance Zone - print quarterly magazine, Czech Republic. 2001-2005 (acting editor in chief 2003-2004)
>> Konfrontace/ Confrontations performance festival catalogues 2001, 2002
>> Duncan Centre Conservatoire 10 Years Anniversary brochure 2002
>> Skype Dialogues - with Frank Bock. What Now festival. Siobhan Davies Dance Studios 2013