teaching and lecturing

SRT intensive, Kinitiras, Athens, Greece 2018

I aim to develop a heightened creative sense of awareness, freedom and presence;  safe, empowering and sustainable technical skills;  enact somatic encounter between inner and outer worlds; enlist the articulate body into dialogue with space, desire, personal history and the world; and support the dancer towards sensitive embodied agency and play - becoming more fully, and transcending, the self.

BA and MA Lecturing  - Skinner Releasing Technique, Choreography,  Somatics, Critical Theory:
Trinity Laban Conservatoire  - MFA Creative Practice, MA Dance Science 2016-present
Goldsmiths College - PhD/MA Performance 2017 - present
HAMU Academy of Performing Arts, Prague - MA Choreography, MA Dance Pedagogy 2017, 2018
Brighton University - BA Dance and Visual Art 2004-2011
London Metropolitan University - BA Performing Arts 2006-2008
Academy of Performing Arts Prague - BA Dance Performance, MA Choreography 2002-2004
Duncan Centre Conservatoire for Modern Dance Prague - Dance Diploma 2000-2004, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
London Studio Centre -BA Dance 2015
University of Surrey -BA Dance 2015
Bath Spa University -BA Dance 2015
Coventry University - BA Dance 2015, 2016
Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology - Foundation Art 1991-1992

Professional Dancers - Skinner Releasing Technique:
Independent Dance, London 2014 - present
Candoco Dance Company 2014, 2017
Kinitiras, Athens, Greece 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018
Ballet Rambert 2016
TripSpace Projects 2013, 2014
R.I.C.E. on Hydra, Greece 2013
Brighton Dance Collective 2013
Ballet in Small Spaces, Oxford 2012-2013
Disability Arts Shropshire 2011
Shrewsbury Intergenerational Arts 2011, 2012

Open Classes/Arts and Health - Skinner Releasing Technique, Creative Movement, Dance to Health:
Goldsmiths College 2017 - present
Transformational Bodies Retreat 2018
The Campsbourne 2018
Conway Hall 2017, 2018
London School of Contemporary Dance 2017
Chisenhale Dance Space 2016, 2017
Lunas Dance Summer Courses 2016, 2017, 2018
Disability Arts Shropshire 2011
Amici Dance Theatre 2013
Islington Arts Factory 1994-1995, 2015-2016
St Christopher School, Letchworth 1996

>> Reaching Dancers Unconscious Experience through the Skinner Releasing Technique. Interview, CNADE Podcast ‘Dance Education in the 21st Century’ 2021

Skinner Releasing Technique, Greece 2014 from Lizzy Le Quesne on Vimeo.

Skinner Releasing Technique - SRT Teaser from Lizzy Le Quesne on Vimeo.

Listen to a movement class on Inklingroom, Netil radio.
Introduction of concepts and imagery from SRT: