performance with and in works by other artists

>> Lizzy Le Quesne / Carolyn Roy / Margarita Zafrilla-Olayo:  Dancing on the Edge #1
with paintings by Pato Bosich
Three Highgate Gallery, London 2021


>> Amalia Pica: JOYProcession for Eightteen
Wellcome Collection, London 2021

>> Oreet Ashery: Misbehaving BodiesDo You Consider Yourself Healthy?
Wellcome Collection, London 2019-2020
photo © Persilia Caton

>> Margarita Zafrilla-Olayo: T/ILTING VERTICALITIES
Museo  MACRO, Rome 2019


>> Carolyn Roy: Companionship Scores
Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, London 2018

photo ©  Sarah Dobai

>> Stefan Jovanović: Velvet Fools
London 2017, 2018
photo © Camilla Greenwell



>> Florence Peake: My Horizontal Pleasure
Bosse & Baum, London 2017

photo © Anne Tetzlaff  




>> Dog Kennel Hill Project: Messages from the Field
Siobhan Davies Dance Studios 2017
photo @ video stills by DKHP


>> Space and Words Collective: Space and Words
MultiOv Festival, London 2016


>> Florence Peake: Remake
Whitechapel Gallery, London 2016


>> Florence Peake: The Keeners 
Space Arts, London Fields, London 2015


>> Essex Olivares: Office Riddim 
Cell project Space, London 2015


>> Michael Klien: Parliament 
Benaki Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens , Greece 2014
Prague Quadrenniale, Czech Republic (film) 2015
RICE on Hydra, Greece 2013


>> Florence Peake: Swell the Thickening Surface Of
Hayward Gallery, London 2014



>> Adam James: Sanctuaries
Jerwood Gallery London 2014


>> Tino Sehgal: These Associations 
Tate Modern, London 2012


>> Anthony Gormley: One & Other   
The 4th Plinth, Trafalgar Square, London 2010

Week 4, Saturday 7am

>> Rosemary Lee: Common Dance
team-leader of mixed age community performers
Greenwich Dance Agency, London 2009

Dance Umbrella festival 2009



>> Dog Kennel Hill Project: People Working
The Place Theatre London 2009
photo @ Tony Wadham

>> Ricochet Dance Productions / Wally Cardona: ELSEWHERE  
National touring: theatres across UK 2005 – 2006
Dance Umbrella festival 2005



>> Ricochet Dance Productions / Jan Pusch: real deal 
National touring, theatres across UK 2005 – 2006 
Dance Umbrella festival 2005

images@ Greg Nash


>> Roman Polanski: Oliver Twist
Barmaid in The Three Cripples - Fagin and Bill Syke’s local 
cinemas worldwide 2004 

>> Susana Szperling: Diary of a Trip
Dance theatre performance with audience lying on the stage
Schloss Broellin, Germany 2004


>> Susana Szperling: The Kitchen
Dance film
Jacobs Pillow, USA 2000
Videodanza, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2002


>> DanceHouse/Darlene Stevens: The Square
Spring Loaded, The Place Theatre, London 1999
Almada International Festival, Portugal 1999
IMZ International Festival, Germany 1999
Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester  1998
New Works Festival, Leicester 1998
Laban theatre London 1998


>> Torn Halves: The Seven Deadly Sins
Hackney Empire, London 1993

>> Divadlo K: Blood on the Water
Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London 1991;
Richard da Marco Foundation, Edinburgh Festival 1991

>> Diggers Theatre: The Flight of Mary Garland
Oval House Theatre, London 1990
Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton 1990