choreographic works

> Dances for Quiet Spaces
Desire Paths, The Possibility of Innocence

new work in progress 2023...PhD Practice as Research, with dancers Franzi Boehm, Laura Dhoeler, Elisa Vassena


> Dancing on the Edge #1
Lizzy Le Quesne / Carolyn Roy / Margarita Zafrilla-Olayo - collboration
with paintings by Pato Bosich
Three Highgate Symposia, Three Highgate Gallery, London 2021


> Reeling
Lizzy Le Quesne/Carolyn Roy - collaboration
Wilkinson Gallery, London 2016
Performers: Lizzy Le Quesne, Carolyn Roy

> Dark Might
Mixed-media solo performance: movement, projected image, writing
The Old Waterworks Gallery, Southend on Sea 2015
Performer: Lizzy Le Quesne


> Shattered Glimpses of Belonging
Spontaneous Combustion Festival, London 2015
Divus Gallery, Deptford Enclave London 2015
Dancers: Lizzy Le Quesne and Carolyn Roy



Mixed media solo performance: movement, photography, writing
The Old Waterworks Gallery, Southend on Sea 2014
Gallery Art Claims Impulse, Berlin 2013
Summer Dancing, Coventry 2013
Performer: Lizzy Le Quesne


> A Year’s Rest
Mixed media performance and installation: bed of nails, movement, mirrorball, projected text
What Now Festival, Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, London 2013
Performer: Lizzy Le Quesne



> An Intricate Field
Participatory movement meditation on connectivity and shared space.
Lanchester Gallery - spilling out into the surrounding city, Coventry 2013
Performers: Jade Griffin, Hannah Grayson-Geito, Abbie Hannaby, Leanne Holder, Lizzy Le Quesne, Ella Tighe, members of the public




> Post War Space Girls
film and photo series
Visualising Relationships, ICE, University of Coventry 2015
Making Space Residency, Coventry  2013
Performers: Jade Griffin, Stephanie Townsend, Ioanna


>  Incubation
Performance installation in museum vitrine
Hydra Museum, RICE on Hydra, Greece 2013
Performer: Lizzy Le Quesne


> The University of Sex  
Mixed-media solo performance installation, 6 hours, 3 days: movement, images, writing, visualiser
Artside Festival, Southend on Sea 2011 
Performer: Lizzy Le Quesne

> people Moving people Moving people
interactive performance installation
Please Touch, The Old Waterworks, Southend on Sea 2010
Performers: Anna Gunnardson, Lily Freeman, Colin McClean, Brian Parker, Susana Recchia, members of the public

> Reflections on Shop Window
film documentary of live performance
BLOP, Arnolfini Gallery Bristol 2010
Videodanza Duenos Aires 2010
Old Waterworks Gallery, Southend on Sea 2010
Performers: S. Harris,Lizzy Le Quesne,  M. Pyhkaala,  L.B. , E. S.


> if this my container
Lizzy Le Quesne/Patricia Woltmann - collaboration
Galerie Art Claims Impulse, Berlin 2007
Performers: Lizzy Le Quesne, Patricia Woltmann

> Slow Delivery
2 screen film installation
Village Green Arts Festival, Southend on Sea 2010
Toynbee Studios, London 2007
Harbour Festival, Bristol 2006
Kyoto Arts Centre, Japan 2006
National Gallery of Modern Art, Prague 2006
South London Shorts festival 2006 (award)
Performer: Lizzy Le Quesne
Camera: Minna Pyyhkaala
Edit: Dalibor Janda
Music: The Dead Texan


> Signing
Lizzy Le Quesne/Patricia Woltmann
Galerie Art Claims Impulse, Berlin 2007;
FU Studio Buhne, Berlin 2005
Futura Gallery, Prague 2004
Goethe Institute, Prague 2004
Gallery Vaclav Spala, Art Prague 2004                

> Games Without Frontiers
Art of Movement Festival, Yaroslavl, Russia 2003
Camera: Alexandra Lerman
Dancers: Sandrine Harris, Lucie Klosová, Pierre Nadaud, Teresa Ondrová, Jana Sykorová



> Life  Forms
Art of Movement Festival, Yaroslavl, Russia 2002
NoD Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague 2002
Theatre Barka, Brno, Czech Republic 2002
Ponec Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic 2002
Dancers: Mirka Eliasova, Sandrine Harris, Lucie Klosová, Andrea Miltnerova, Pierre Nadaud, Teresa Ondrová, Jana Sykorová, Veronika Simkova 




> Shop Window
live performance
British Council / Galerie Vaclav Spala, Prague 2002



> The Castle 
Prague Castle
Tanec Praha festival 2002
Performers: Lizzy Le Quesne, Pierre Nadaud  



> The Marble Palace 
Lichenstein Palace, HAMU, Prague 2002
British Council Prague
Performer: Lizzy Le Quesne



> Skylight
NoD Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague, 2003
Theatre Barka, Brno, Czech Republic 2003
Tyrsuv Dum, Prague 2002
Ponec Theatre, Prague 2002, 2001
Cimelice Chateau, Czech Republic 2001
Dancers: Sandrine Harris, Andrea Miltnerova




> The Girl in the Mirror
Con Tempo, Duncan Centre, Prague 2001
Dancers: Duncan Centre Conservatoire of Modern Dance, final year students


> In-Tension
Trio dance with set of taught string
Cultureel Centrum TerDilft, Belgium 2000 (International award winner)
Almada Festival, Lisbon, Portugal 2000
The Place Theatre, London 1999, 2000
ArtHaven Gallery, Exeter 2000
Gallery Westland Place, London 2000
Rhyn Park Arts Centre, Oswestry UK, 2000
New Works Festival 1998
Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester  1998
Laban Theatre, London 1998
Dancers: Melanie Clarke/Darlene Stevens/Patricia Woltmann, Lizzy Le Quesne, Marion Ramirez



> Movement in Relation to Edges
Performance installation with colour planes by Nick Gilbert-Scott
ArtHaven Gallery, Exeter 2000
Gallery Westland Place, London 2000
Dancers: Lizzy Le Quesne, Marion Ramirez, Patricia Woltmann


> Songs of Love and Death
Dances with Czech folk songs 
The Hackney Empire, London 1998
Jackson’s Lane Arts Centre, London 1997
The Place Theatre, London 1997
Dancers: M. Brach, Deborah B, Lizzy Le Quesne
Live Music: Beskydy



> Dido and Aeneas
Dance-Opera production of Henry Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas, arr. Jaques Van Rhijn 
Hackney Empire, London 1996

> The Seven Deadly Sins
Dance Opera by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill
Full orchestra, choral and danced production
Anna l (singer - Esther Stevens) and Anna ll (dancer- Lizzy Le Quesne)
Bloomsbury Theatre, London 1995
Hackney Empire, London 1994
Britten Theatre, RCM London 1994

> Venus
Dance Opera. John Blow: Venus and Adonis, arr. Jaques Van Rhijn
Hackney Empire, London 1994
Bloomsbury Theatre, London 1995

> The Master and Margarita
Opera by Darryl Way
The Place Theatre, London 1995

> Bitter Moon
Physical Theatre play by Emma Benson
Union Theatre, London 1995

> Showgirl, Hideaway and Lady
Sallis Benney Theatre Brighton 1990
Zap Club Brighton 1990

Artist Residencies
Making Space, Decoda UK / Coventry University 2012, 2015
R.I.C.E. on Hydra, Greece 2014; 2013
The Old Waterworks Gallery, Southend on Sea 2014
Coventry University 2013
Gallery Art-Claims-Impulse, Berlin 2007
FU StudioBuhne, Berlin 2004
Futura Gallery Prague 2003 
Geothe Institute Prague 2002
British Council / Academy of Arts, Prague 2001-2002
Duncan Centre Conservatoire of Modern Dance Prague 2001
Jacob’s Pillow, USA 2000